Surgical Strike’s Kashmir Noumena on Amazon

It was one of the most captivating sights Jason had ever seen. He wanted to spend the day walking up and down the sand, looking for shells and dodging the waves. But as he turned to go back in and get a coat, Sheila darted around the far corner of the porch.“There you are. What are you doing out here? Come on, I’m all ready. You need to put on something warmer.”She grabbed his arm, sloshing his coffee, and dragged him forcibly toward the house. He didn’t have a chance to ask her what the giant wizard’s hat was. As they passed a window he saw Robin watching him from the kitchen. She looked away when their eyes met, but he thought he saw something—disappointment?—in the split second of connection before he was abducted.

Black Jack Bio

The Most Fearless novel by Shiv Aroor based on infamous Israel style Uri Kashmir Surgical Strike is fiction.

I am the mentalist who prevented another war with Pakistan by right wing government after Demonetization. I was also manifesting my Soulmate 2-3 years after coming from Singapore. I had turned YSS Yogi. My life had turned upside down like dark night of Soul in those years.

I was looking for a government job as my robbed money went into Delhi BJP seat previously. After no mention of my heroism and taking all credit themselves I came up with idea of a novel.

Me and my soulmate an NY doctorate girl named Kinza Qureshi were working online. We fell in love. I generously gifted tips from meagre sum I had. I hid from her my money problem and asked to settle down asap. She insisted after a year.

When I asked her to write the real account of Surgical Strike hero based on revealing blog I wrote on my Singapore and Bali visits. She gave me a novel I think was her personal romance account. I felt cheated still kept on loving her. We fought and loved with passion when we worked. I spent all my savings to meet and marry her but failed.

I self-realized Holy Spirit behind everything. She is my Twin Flame.

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