Kissing car ride

The shorter girl said “He’s so cheesy”

I said “Shut Up”

I had the audacity and fun, to talk to her, like that. My girlfriend was sitting next to me, in the middle and kissing me.

Earlier my girlfriend while in Clarke Quay had asked me to drop her friend too at which I agreed without fuss.


She was secretive about her identity. I was asking for her mobile number. She hesitated, made an elaborate excuse. I asked to give her international number. She deflected that with a kiss.

I was making guesses about her nationality. Whether she was of Singaporean or Indian descent. Between the kisses I was asking lots of questions. I was trying to understand why she was hesitating to share her details. I was asking and she was lying. Not that there were complete lies but I read her lies.

We were kissing a lot. My hands were behind her and I wrapped her around me. I made sure that my hands should not nudge the Singaporean girl at all. I saw her from my corner of eyes She was not enchanted with our act and looking out of car window.

The roasting and eating thoughts were also racing. What if, keeping my hands, all around in the car ride, she nudged. The hell would break loose. The magical romance, would drop if she incited her friend. I made sure that it didn’t occur.

I slid to the left deep into the seat to make room for my girlfriend. With each pull, I was creeping my girlfriend, away from her friend. She was also moved all her weight over me. The more she came closer the more I dug deep towards my window.

The chemistry and passion, lasted after fifteen minutes ride. Her friend wanted her to be with Lim here. I asked the middle aged cab driver, to stop the cab. I waited for both girls to go outside. Then Lim appeared. Two more classmates who happened to be girls were behind Lim. Lim was also in a club not in Clarke Quay. I waited in the car as my girlfriend and her classmate went to meet Lim.


I saw my bottle. It was almost completely filled. I can have a glass or two but this bottle will last for eternity with me. Good for my home shelve. I pushed the bottle into the back seat and patted it. I was watching these girls talking to the boy Lim. I was reading them I learnt from the vibes in their conversation. She was almost screaming short term relationship .

I am not for short term relationship I am thinking long term. But she is student i thought. I can wait. Why not meet her parents tomorrow. Let me ask her address and permission to start dating. Then again I thought if she interested in date why not give the fricking cell number.

What else can I do I can’t force her to submit her cell number. I am not going to take advantage of her. She’s a college kid. She may marry some rich guy. What his parents would look for her. What does her parents do. A thought came up like draper business. So he might have the cloth business. Good for me. But she is not going to marry me. I am not going to be her first choice. Oh God what should I do.

Son don’t take advantage of her.

Let’s plan with her. Let’s ask about a date in a nice restaurant tomorrow afternoon. I checked my watch II short VI long hand. I was feeling tired and sleepy, My german friends never came on my mind. I was all hers, my girlfriend.

Is she short term girlfriend.

Let’s be cheesy and direct and make her long term partner. I was getting bored sitting idle. I started a conversation with the cab driver. He was super silent in his kissing car.

My girlfriend parted with her friends and started coming towards the car. I jumped out of the seat and opened the cab door for her. I looked around. It was almost past midnight but all street lit up. My weariness, switched into, rejuvenating as I held the door for my girlfriend.

She entered and got comfortable in her seat. I also hopped in. I requested the driver to move. We chatted and kissed more.

My girlfriend started to be all over me. Her hands were all over me. She was trying to do something. I stopped her. I asked her to come to her senses. I commanded her to talk with me saying you might be drunk and you are a college girl. But I am a man.

We need to talk. Do you want to meet me again. She ignored me and began kissing again. My ears started burning. It was not love but anger.
I shouted inside my mind Girl I am not going to be your short term relationship. I have more serious business to do.

I asked her are you with me. Will you meet me again tomorrow. She got nervous. I can sense her nervousness. I felt the awkwardness of her not to answer.

I tried, to break my serious questions. I said “Look you might not be able to marry me because your parents might be thinking of some else. Give me time and I can ask your parents. I need time to sort out how can I bring you in my life”.

She was silent. I couldn’t understand the reason of her silence.

Are your parents not going to like me because I am dark. She was brown too but quite far from my complexion after swimming in the ocean. I began looking at her complexion. She interrupted my thoughts You are not dark at all. I said you are not coming to the point.

“Are we going to meet again tomorrow or not?” Why can’t you answer simple question.

She said I have classes to attend so might not be possible.

Where in Australia? Are you leaving tomorrow?

No. I mean I have to prepare for semester and I am in holidays so I have to study at home.

I asked where do you live? Can I come tomorrow. Give me your address.
She was again silent and started laying hands all over me. She kissed me on the lips. My ears burned to ashes. I began kissing her with passion.
I was sure I am going to feel the pain after she is gone Mr short term relationship man!

I pushed her hands away. This is not the place and time for love. These cab drivers have got inside cameras. Hidden somewhere. Most of them do. It saves them from government in case some altercations happen with the tourists. What if he has a camera too. I am not going to take chances. I am not ruining myself for short term relationship which ends in 15, 10, 8, 5, 0 minutes. I am not going to see my girlfriend again. My heart cried louder as I kissed her again and again.

So that was the story of the kissing car ride until she took me someplace near the airport. It was hardly half an hour distance I assumed. She was instructing the cab driver of the turns. It was coming to an end. I can see huge tall apartment buildings.

One last kiss from the girlfriend and she moved to the other side of the back seat. I saw that taking her purse adjusting her hands over the lap. I reached out for her hands and held her for quite long in silence.
She used to pull her hands sometimes. I let her but took her hands again.
She pulled her hands away this time it was finally end of our journey. She moved to the brim of the seat and closer to the driver seat to tell him where to park.

She looked at me. I asked again to give her any number so that I could contact her. She didn’t respond but made her face stooped inside her neck. I said I get it. I will find you, once you finish your college.

I am going to marry you. I said.

She was spell bound. I left her in her thoughts opened the cab door and jumped out of the seat to make her room to come out. She came out.
We saw each other in soulful last gaze. I said This is the most cherished night of my life. Thank you for making it the best day of my life.

This is I remember because I have been searching her for less than a decade. Starting from the next morning on facebook. I searched her time and time again. Sometimes in life was up and sometimes life was down.
I had carried on my life but past five years back when Black Jack was facing the most difficult phase of his life. No one to rescue the hounds of heaven had already caught me and the dark times were there for me. I asked Moon to bring her to me.

Past couple of years, after my dark night of soul, an epiphany happened. After attaining enlightened for a year I had realized one morning during meditation.

My girlfriend from the kissing car ride was not an Indian.
She was not an Australian student either.

She was from the erstwhile India which had borders from Burma in the east to Afghanistan in the west.


My ❤ KASHMIR NOUMENA kq this is another Black Jack’s past.

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