She asked Give me a Kiss

This was the next day. We were in Clark Quay this night. As usual Lobi, Tucas and third friend were with me. We were all happy and having fun. We sat at a open restaurant and order pizzas margheritta. Tucas and I ordered different drinks. Lobi and third friend settled with the usual regular drink served with Pizza. We were merry and we were having conversations. Loud talk, jokes and laughing. I was the fourth addition in the gang of three.

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After dinner we went to the crowded club. There was a long queue. All were waiting for security to let them enter. We also stood in the queue. I was tall so I stood at the end. Due to strict vigil Lobi sensed something and asked me to come in the middle before third friend. Lucas cribbed in German which I understood as Why what happened? Let him stand we are already in long queue and people are standing behind him as well. He might have argued that in case there is an issue we will let him hide between us and should enter the door soon. He reiterated in english to me. Listen friend. I, think, there is a problem inside. They are not letting people in. We don’t understand why but in case hide between and us and enter without getting noticed. Don’t listen to the security and talk to them. We will push you in circle. Lucas again cribbed in astonishment and asked him to take it easy. You will be us or there won’t be any party tonight. We are with you and not going without you. I said thanks bro.

There was a semi clad bald man, with shaved and shining head. He was wearing all kinds of accessories. Earrings, studs in ear lobes, a golden chain hanging from the right earlobe to nose. He was wearing a loin dress and something skimpy. His companion was wearing a black tuxedo. He was opening the velvet rope and closing after each batch.

After waiting a while in silent anticipation our turn came. Tucas held my hand. Third friend pushed me, as Lobi was talking to the Tuxedo security who was asking, for the number of guests. They were like said everything is OK. We were shoving ourselves in. Lobi was covering me from the security for a look and Tucas extended my wrist to them.

Security said you can three of you can go. Sir you please step aside. Hell broke loose. Three of my friends left me behind and crowded the security in tuxedo. They began confronting asking questions why not let him. The Bald guy also joined his companion and said please step aside. Lucas asked Why What’s the reason. If we are together and won’t leave him alone. They confronted tell me one good reason. The security persons count increased. First Step aside and let other guests move. My friends said No in unison and said we are going inside.

This conundrum was going too hot. So I stepped aside. Now my friends started shouting at the guards. You are, manhandling us, to insinuate. They never touched any of us but they pranked He manhandled me. Lobi shouted. Tucas and third friend shouted Yes Yes. I had to interrupt before anyone would get a bloody nose.

I said Stop. Why are you not letting me in. The friends shouted at me Keep your mouth shut. We’re talking let us handle. The security guys sensed this and began concentrating on me. You are not wearing shoes and Pants. Lucas reacted in a raised voice so what he is a gentleman. Look at the other guests. How are they dressed. He pointed to a group of girls in miniskirts. At least my friend’s knees covered. I looked down. I said to the security interrupting but I am wearing shoes. Security took a moment. Avoiding to answer verbal duels from other three, he said, “they are sport shoes”. I took the charge from my friends. These sneakers are costly. Look at the brand. Lets do it.

I am a gentleman though. Even my socks are covering the ankles. Singapore is too hot for me to wear trousers and I am comfortable in this attire. You should not have a problem. The German friends stopped squabbling with the other security persons. They started arguing my points by saying yes he is right and adding to it. The head security said but we have a dress code for men. We need the gentlemen to have leather shoes and trousers.
German friends had to hear this. They started confronting the security personnel again. At last when I saw its going nowhere.

I asked my friends. Thank you Lobi Tucas and yyy. If they are not letting me in please enjoy. Don’t screw your fun because of me. I will wait outside.
Lobi said No way. The three said either we are going in or we aren’t we are together. Remember you are one of the gang now. We won’t we are team. I said but because of my mistake why would team suffer. You guys party, I will wait for you guys. yyy argued, we are not going to come before night ends, there are many hours in hand How long can you wait. I said I can enjoy Clark Quay and do the sightseeing. There is boat rides and they are beautiful. Look the swing which had people screaming lungs out. I am going to enjoy here. No issues. Party Have fun.

They showed some emotions of frustration before they saw the point. Lobi said brother wait for us We will be out in half an hour. We will ride back to hotel together. Promise you won’t leave without us. I assured them again . They went inside and I sat under on the bench near walkway.


They were bunch of girls from college. Two were very short and thin. The third was wearing a jeans and top and was of height 5’6”. They were talking on their way out from the club. I had seated for two minutes and here they come. I noticed many things about them. They were college girls might be first or second semester. How would high school girls would get an entry? This is Singapore and they didn’t looked like teenagers. Not at all, the two girls were short and young but the other lady was a grown up. I thought they might be from NUS or INSEAD.

Why not go there and ask them?

Or not let them be. No! Leave them alone. Watch with care. These thoughts were racing my mind and I stood there. I was noticing them trying to hear what they were talking about. Suddenly, they looked around the three of them. They were looking straight at my face without holding there conversation.

Oh! Get up now and I stood up and went straight to them.

Few meters walk straight led close to them.

Excuse me Are you from India? I looked at short girls intently and then turned to the girl about my height. Ok a foot short never mind. Are you an Indian looking straight into her eyes.

She said Yes!

What happened? Are you leaving

Actually we have been here for 3 hours and wanted to visit somewhere else. Liars. Why are you cribbing then. I thought in my mind. Might be they were, thrown out. Might be there is some altercation inside and they ran out in fear. Is it my german friends. Did they ask them to let me in? Or did they tipped security about their age. They were mad and definitely they might have.

I asked them again. Are you in college? They said Yes in unison.


No I am from Australia university. I am here to visit my friends. She is Tim and she is Cook. Hi Hi. So we came here to party.

“Your parents worried may be. Are you leaving”?

No we are far from leaving. Ha ha ha.

The other girl gave me a nice brow. I will roast and eat you kind of look.
Girls don’t be angry I was not allowed to enter as well because of wearing shorts.

You not from Singapore? Asked the tall girl.

I turned and faced her to have a one on one conversation.

I shook her hands and introduced myself. You know the ritual blah blah blah. She was listening to me completely. We had a connection brewing up.
When I took longer than what she said yes to interrupt and come to her point. But this made me think she might be construing whatever I told her is truth. There were half truth and half lies. I found out, she was crooning for me, from her face. A moment of silence. We want to go somewhere else.

What are you up to next.

Looking at the other girls as well. I pitched. Let’s go to F Bar? Or any other club? You can suggest. Whatever you girls like.
The tall girl said let’s go. She asked her friend. Is it OK if we you also come with us. The short girl who wanted to roast said Isn’t Lim would be waiting for us. Should not we wait for him to come. The tall girl said Let him be. We can adjust, or call him. The short girls balked and stared at each other.

I interrupted Yes go ahead if you want to call your friend Lim. Ask him to join us. We can wait.

The tall girl replied Let us go. Leave him He can find us.

I said Ok Let’s Go in a commanding voice. I looked to the right and looked to the left. She instructed to her right.

Ah yes, I know because I came from there. Do you know where F Bar is? Because I haven’t seen.

We don’t know either. But started marching along me in the direction she pointed out. She shrugged and looked at the other girls who were also following her.

We went straight took a right turn and few short walk led to a distant queue waiting under the big sign. F Bar.

We also joined the queue. I looked back saw the girls. They were right behind me.

Security in front sad Sorry sir but you are wearing shorts. He looked at the other girls and nodded no to them. I said let us in and I will be out in few minutes. I turned around and assured them I will handle not to worry without saying anything.

The security sighed and said OK but we will charge you for a bottle. I said how much? The receptionist girl standing behind her handed me a menu. I looked at the prices from the bottom to the top. The prices were in three and two digits. I was not sure and read the menu until I saw JD. I pointed at the menu and skimmed at its price. The most cheap was almost ten times the actual price. Is it $360? The security guy said Yes.

I asked again after tax or before tax. The security rolled his eyes looked at the girls. Sir for you and your friends we will not charge you any extra. The tab is on us. I said so nice of you I will ask for a refund at mustafa. His grin turned into a laugh. I chuckled and asked. Ma’am with his arm stretched would you please come in front. The tall girl and the her friends marched ahead and I stepped aside to make room from them.

Stamps. Please go inside Have a beautiful evening ma’am. They went inside one by one. The tall girl looked back waiting for me to come.
I said Go inside Don’t wait for me I will join you in a second.

She asked “Are you sure”?

“Sure”, I replied

I again came in front of the security and asked where is the bottle?
Inside. Please, pay here.

I agreed and paid. The other guests were took over by another pair of security. They were doing the work but they were focussing their eyes on me almost like an automaton.

I took the bill and went inside. The hall was dark where three girls waited for me. I went to them in a swag with the tunes coming from the den.
She said I will use the bathroom and come. I said wait as I felt something odd. Are they interested in dancing or not? Why are they leaving so soon. I told them I will be there waiting for you. Please come back. As I watched them going straight ahead. Walking a-flight a ramp, to take a left, and after few steps, they disappeared in the sodium lit rooms.

I wait straight to the counter full of glasses. Took three glasses out and placed my order.

After a long wait they didn’t seem to come out.

What had happened? I was waiting for at least fifteen minutes. The staff asking me interrupting me after every minute. At last I had to order. I took the order in my hands. Did a whole tour inside F Bar looking for the three girls. Have they been, devoured, by the floor or swallowed by the roof. Is there any back door? I resigned to go towards the washroom. Clicked some pictures inside.

I thought to check the girls outside. I concentrated more at each person in the dark hallway. I reached outside the door passed the security. I asked Have you seen my friends? By the looks of their faces I thought they haven’t got any clues whom I am looking for. I came at a vantage point to look straight into the left and right in the street between rows of building. It seemed odd that the three figures were not present.

I went back with bottle in my hand to the club before. I looked at each object noticing any person standing or walking. Not only girls but the men also who might have joined them. They were, not to be, found.

I sat on the bench under the tree with nice breeze flowing towards the Quay. When the doors opened the sound blared. Sometimes the street turned into silent murmuring sounds from a distance. I was sitting and began to relax. I left the hope that I will find the girls who vanished. The sounds got loud when the doors opened or people came. Then would turn into eerie murmuring sounds. This repeated for half an hour or more. I was waiting for my german boys to come out. All were having fun, while I was, bored as the night progressed.
To be continued…

I was deep into thoughts when I realized that ten to fifteen girls were in front of me chatting. I was ignorant and bored flickering my neck to the left and right but noticing each girl from the corner of my eyes. I realized something. At the long end of the circle this tall girl caught my attention.
Oh my god

I jumped to her with bottle in my hands. She didn’t give me a look at all. I said Hi where have you been. No one noticed I was there. They ignored me completely.

I said Hey I have been searching for you everywhere. Where have you been. A bit louder looking at the tall girl still, opposite me in diameter. She looked at me and ignored. Still chatting with the girls beside me.

I said Hello I am talking to you. She ignored me again this time without giving me any attention.

I stood there reading all the faces. Tried to hear their conversation. It was so awkward to stand, among fifteen girls, without being, invited. I dropped my head, but stood there, absent. You could have sensed the anger brewing inside my jaws and could have heard my increasing sighs from a mile.

I began to turn when she spoke.

What do you want? Who are you?

I balked, “I, I, I, am the one, with whom, you were in F Bar. I looked at the other two girls. They also looked at me”.

“So What? Just leave?” She said

I was not able to control my anger hearing those words. What the hell she said, I sighed heavy and my expression turned into a angry look. I looked at her for few seconds with my brows touching each other.

I calmed myself and said Fine!

I turned my back and walked back to my seat.After a few steps ahead I turned back to her. I raised my hands and said You owe me 100 dollars.

And again turned back walking brisk to the bench. I sat on the bench. I never looked at them in disgust.

I heard someone calling. I looked straight She said Hello You I am talking to you.

I stood up and began walking to her. I had forgotten whatever she was saying. I remembered, she was talking to me, and from her body language, I was at her attention.

I came close I am sorry I didn’t hear a thing. Can you repeat.

She said Please come here I walked around the circle of her friends and stood beside her. She felt uncomfortable within the crowd with me. She resigned herself from the herd and said Follow me. After cornering me away from them. I can’t believe what she said.


My expression changed from bewilderment to amusement to not let her repeat again.

I slid my hands behind her back over the jeans. The tank top could not hide her curved side fat way over the hips. I felt the skin in my hands. She was a grown up girl for my age and height. I had been noticing her when she was close to me earlier. I had built a mental profile of her background but I was odd at the age difference. I wanted to be a gentleman.

I kissed her on her lips. It was a smooch. It lasted for few seconds. When I stopped She grabbed both biceps. She began kissing me. All my inhibitions was gone. I dug my fingers on her back and began kissing her profuse.
We parted and then she took my hand and started walking down the street. We were sometimes walking and sometimes kissing each other in public.

I told her to wait. Looked around and said. Its quite late give me your number. She said I don’t have the number as I am from Australia. I can read the lie on her face. I am a one night partner. I understood the fact and offered her to give her ride back her home. I said its getting late can I drop you somewhere. She was stun. Not knowing what to say. She said I can go by myself not to worry. She lied again. I sensed she didn’t want me at her place.

I said if you will not mind I can drop you at your home. It’s quite late and hope your parents won’t mind if I drop you.
She said “No. No. I am OK.”


Give me a kiss

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