Bali Wolf

A Balinese woman in black suit without heels carried two purses. She marched stoutly over the sands. Bigger one was a Louis Vuitton. She carried a silver digital camera pointing at the men following beside her. She held a blue printed material in her other hand. She walked straight ahead with ease carrying all those materials over the sands. She was like twenty-three years old. Not more than twenty-three years. Three columns with seven rows of strong brawn armed men were wearing navy blue pants. Also normal blue t-shirts. Their belts had large golden buckles.

One of the men was stooge might be cook and go to guy for all chores.
The moose had only white t-shirt and different blue shoes. 

The woman with infinity tattoo on her neck and snowflake on her right ankle. She was wearing silver nail polish with one nail in red.

The men parched past in the sand with the stooge just behind the master, frolicking with sand with his mates.

The lady in black dress went back with all the pictures and kept her belonging near a sparse tree.

The men marched past the eternity. They stopped at the end of the beach.
About Turn.

They started running back to their starting point,. With their shoes on they had problem running. Many were so lax in the afternoon sun they had no intention of running.

They had put their shoes down.   They were running without their shoes on with some trousers drawn up the ankles.

The woman was looking at the report. She became attentive. She wrote few paragraphs of instructions on a white sheet of papers for her party or battalion to follow. She was back with two shoulders bags on her back. 
She clicked one picture from her camera. One, two and three.

The Russian woman who looked like from military. She was with her Moroccan counterpart with silver handbag crossed past the march.

Away from the men a black pirate kite was flying high over the beach sun umbrellas. TK The wind breeze was pretty good and was making the kite flow towards the direction of men.

The instructor began making a shoulders length rank and file. She made sure the guards were, disciplined in their formation.

The diminutive twenty three year old had buried the face in the papers.
Then it was the time for instructing the men in making perfect salute
She got fascinated, with a man in the corner last row with black dress but with military background. He looked liked in secret service but his face had an expression of dissatisfaction.

The woman clicked her picture. Might be, she liked him. Might be she was after her ranks in the government.

Wooden rackets tapped the foosball with tap rap sound. The men marched. Left, right, left, on the command of their instructor. Mocking like the sound of tennis players.

The woman in black dress was taking all those pictures with her gaze. She was trying to snoop the secret service black dress guy.

She was quite interested in him. I thought she had almost had most romantic feelings to end in marriage. Why Not?

She was young and diminutive. He was strong built and almost most dumb face. Makes a perfect doting husband never to cheat on other woman. But pretty boring but almost a perfect marriage material.

Looking past all these men in drill. The woman on the sand beach chair almost began playing with yellow bra with layers of fabric over the cup. She almost touched her nipples over the cup. When our gaze met and she began attentive. Came back to her senses and the environment, like almost caught, in the act, by fellow onlookers.

The woman had a round badge on her left pocket breast. She was looking at her mobile screen almost fiddling and looking on the man behind the trees with a pink file. He was also wearing a black dress with his body behind a wall for camouflage.

She was trying to hide something might be she was expecting a call from the guy behind the wall. She fiddled with mobile screen more.

When she saw me watching the face and her face. She caught my eyes and pretended to see the screen more attentively. But I caught her bluff. She shifted her screen more towards the sunlight rather than against the sun in shadow. She looked again towards her hidden master in desperation. He was there waiting and calming her with his hand gesture.

More of the judo training with chi energy maneuvers. He had almost the instructor telling each of the step in the movements. The secret service guy was almost disinterested in the drill out of boredom.

They began almost frolicking and giggling when I was out for a moment with their hand defense skills. The woman had a purse with metal police emblem a small purse with Louis Vuitton.

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